"I lived for music, and concerts…sometimes I would have to say I was at a sleepover and really be at a show. There we’d be, in the mosh pit, despite my small frame, getting bruises, crowd surfing, you name it. Then I’d go to ballet class after school and have to cover up my concert wounds.Silly harmless rebellion, things like that.”


"how are you?" "still gay, thanks"


Tribute to Finn Hudson. [part 1]

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Finn dying, it’s that shame is a wasted emotion.

I’m going to spend my entire life missing him.

He was our quarterback.

When I first saw the script I thought [Finn] was an idiot. That’s not a good place to start as an actor. You don’t want to judge your character like that. I think his progression has been going from this dumb — well, he’s not dumb. He’s innocent. He truly comes from a place of childlike innocence where he doesn’t know that the moon and New York City are more than 100 miles apart, for example. He really doesn’t know. And he always speaks before he thinks. That’s a pretty common trait of Finn.
- Cory Monteith